About DokkX

DokkX is an innovative development centre for welfare technologies and digital healthcare solutions

By presenting and demonstrating a wide range of technological solutions, DokkX seeks to promote curiosity and knowledge about the technologies.

By sensing, touching and playing with the technologies, citizens of all ages will develop better competences in the use of these technologies of freedom in their daily lives. The centre intends to demystify welfare technologies and illustrate how assistive technology is a part of the everyday lives of many people, and is not only applied for elderly citizens.

At the same time, DokkX will create the framework for an innovative environment for development , with unique opportunities for co-operation between: companies, educational and research organisations, the Municipality of Aarhus and its citizens. By bringing together different groups and individuals with different skills, an innovative environment will be formed, combining user feedback with product development.

DokkX is a strategic focus across the five magistrates and is based on the vision of Aarhus Municipality of being among the leaders in the application of welfare technology.